The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Beautiful Vienna

Since my parents have been to Vienna, I was very lucky to have my mother give me some excellent tips on what to see and do while I'm here! 
My day starts with Contiki Tours showing us some of the highlights around the outer circle of the city centre. 

We got a sneak peak of Vienna's main shopping area, Karntner Strasse.  Pretty sure I'll be coming back here on my own later today!
But I can assure you it won't be to buy a Rolex or a Whopper!

Our next stop is what I've been waiting for all day.  Swarovski!!!
Swarovski Wien is in the heart of the Austrian capital on Karntner Strasse, and now invites visitors into a sparkling, creative world of  amazement and shopping!  Swarovski crystal is made right here in Austria.  And they say you can get a better deal here.
After a presentation on the history of Swarovski and how the crystals are made, we were free to browse these magnificent works of art. 
Okay then, let's go inside and see if there is something I just can't live without!

This is a definite contender!

Oh I am ready to take this piece home with me!  Oh wait, it costs about as much as my house!

Gotta wear shades to cut the glare from all these crystals!
I don't know, I just can't seem to stay away from this piece!  Maybe it was meant to go home with me after all. Excuse me miss, can you bag this up for me??

Well all this shopping has made me hungry!  Lucky for me, Vienna has these great Sausage Stands all over!  This Würstelstände is where I decided to have a Kasekrainer.  I had heard that when in Vienna, one must have one of these delicious sausages with cheese!

And I just can't turn anything down that involves cheese!

Now it's time to satisfy this sweet tooth of mine!  Vienna is also famous for their sweet shops!  And a must have is a wafer called, Manner! Please come in with me and take a look around.

It's hard not to want to buy these tasty delights. They have samples throughout the store to help you decide on which sweet treat you want!

Now that my tummy is full, I spend the rest of my day waundering around this beautiful city enjoying the mix of ancient and modern architecture.



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