The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Friday, June 6, 2014

Barcelona, Spain Ahh

Our day starts with a guided walking tour through the old back streets of Barcelona!  We learned a lot the history of how the buildings were made and how long they have been around.  After the walking tour we then head on the FC Barcelona Stadium.  Paid roughly 22 euros to get into the stadium to take pictures and see the museum memorabilia of the famous team. 


We even got to go on the sidelines of the field.

After the stadium, we headed back on the metro back into the main town of Barcelona.  Checked out Robles street.  Very busy with locals and tourists on the go.  Area was surrounded with shops, restaurants, cafes, and endless clothing.

I also went to an outdoor market where there are 100's of different kiosks to walk up to with food drinks, souvenirs, etc.

I decided to roam off and check out the side streets.  There were lots of hidden shops.  The architecture was quite amazing.  In the center of the alleys was the gothic quarter. The area had old time buildings to look at.  Walked around and as I kept walking I realized I was lost and had wandered quite a few blocks down from Robles street.  This particular area was not as busy with people, much more laid back.  Had a community feeling to it.
We were picked up from Hard Rock Café which is located in the center of the main town of Barcelona.  Once we got back to the hotel, I wandered in the small area to check out a dinner place.  I found a cute little restaurant that served pizza, and Greek food.  If you happen to be in the area stop and have a gyro they are delicious! 

After a full 2 days in Barcelona we are headed back to the French Riviera tomorrow. Fun filled activities: between spending a nice day and a half in Nice, France, doing a night outing in Monte Carlo, which you read previously, I had already been there for 3 days with a different tour group.  This is an amazing treat for me.

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