The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Off to Lyon, France

Officially saying my last goodbyes to Paris and moving onto Lyon, France.  Made a stop at the old 12th Century Chateau Fontainebleu.  A place where some of the royals of France come to vacation.  It is a massive castle in a very small town.

If you walk toward the back there is a massive courtyard that is a beautiful spot to take pictures.  Off to the side is a large pond that had ducks swimming around, a building in the middle of the pond and a cute wooden boat parked off to the side.

Then head off to an outside market that reminds me very much of an outdoor swapmeet.  Clothing, food, accessories, meat and cheese stations.

Now off to Lyon!  After dinner we took the metro down to the old town of Lyon.  Walked up to the very top to see a view of the city.  As night falls the city and big cathedral had beautiful lights shining.  It was a panorama view to remember.



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