The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Arrival In Costa Rica!!

Hey everyone, so I arrived at the airport last night.  I met some really nice people at the airport that made the flight go by alot faster. My recommendation is, if you can chat it up on the airplane with someone expect your flight time to go by in a flash.  The line in customs was intense, but once you get to the person at the counter its a breeze to get through, they don't really speak much English so beware that you may wanna brush up on your Spanish skills. I crossed my fingers as I approached baggage claim and there my bag was waiting for me.  I was so happy I didn't have a problem.  Sorry to those who have had lost luggage from what I hear I know its a royal pain.  But don't panic the airlines will take care of it if you take proper measures, like being proactive and harrassing the airlines.  Once I got my luggage I made my way to find a cab or some sort of transportation to get to the hotel.  When you get outside of the airport expect to be rushed by at of men who are pushing you to get in their cab.  Warning, I was told specifically to pick a cab that is flat fee versus one that is on a meter. They will nickel and dime you by telling you they will give you a short tour of the city while you are on your way to the hotel.  The gentleman that brought me spoke very poor English but was very sweet and helpful.  The city at night reminded me a little of being in Mexico.

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