The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Friday, March 21, 2014

How About A Hike In Torteguero?

We got settled and after a rough two hours we were taken on a hike up this beautiful steep mountain.  It felt like the stairmaster would never stop.  Once we got to the first part of the mountain where you can see the beautiful scenery of the beach and the island itself.  I felt so proud that I did not give up on this rough obstacle course.  We made our way up to the tallest peek of the mountain were we saw an ever more beautiful view of the first scenery we saw.

Along the way the tour guide was very informative with all the species of bugs and plants in the mountains.  As we headed back the tour guide offered to take us to a nearby dirt area that gave you direct access to the ocean.  As the others got off the boat I stayed on and had the driver take me near the waves of the ocean.  Felt very energized after making that hike up the mountains.

We had free time after our hike to just relax, I was so muddy and dirty from the hike.  I slipped a few times, those stupid hiking boots were quite heavy.  People walked around the property of the hotel to check out the plants and different animals that could be walking around.  He was just kidding.  The tour guide found some sort of bird that he was walking all over the place to find.  Before you knew it, it was dinner time.  The whole group sat down for dinner and we had a meeting to discuss what the plans were for the next day.  After dinner everyone went their separate ways.  I happened to go with my two besties Dan and Jessica into town, to grab some groceries and Jessica needed flip flops.  We took a fast boat for about 10 minutes, to a really small town.  We walked around to a couple of grocery/convenience stores and then head back to the hotel/lodge.  Once we got back it was happy hour at the hotel.  We had a few drinks and before you knew it, it was time to go night, night!

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