The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A Full Day of Activities In Puerto Viejo

Today is an early start since there are so many things to do.  My roommate and I decided to walk into town to find something for breakfast.  Since it was so early there were limited choices.  We managed to find a cute little bakery.  She ordered a cinnamon bun and I ordered a cheese filled danish and a caramel danish. Both pasties were to die for.  My roommate described the cinnamon bun very easy to bite into and had sprinkled cinnamon and sugar on top.

After eating our pastries we headed over to the bicycle shop.  I was going to rent the bicycles for two of the people on my tour who were going to have an adventerous day of riding bikes.

Before we gave the bikes away, my roommate and I decided to ride back into town.  I was a little shaky since I hadn't ridden a bike for quite awhile, but I managed.  Once we got back from riding bikes a couple of us headed to town for a private surf lesson at the beach.

Once we got to the beach we met the instructor, he used a common saying known to the Costa Ricans as, "Time is run by the sun not by the clock."  The surf lesson went for about 2 hours, the waves weren't too large which in my opinion is better for beginners.  The water was fairly warm, the sand on the beach was white on top with black underneath, very cool.

Once we were finished at the beach we headed back to go to the Jungle Spa so Mama Chandra could get a facial and I could check out the facility and take some pictures for the blog.

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