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The World Class Traveler

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Life In Montreal

Arriving in Montreal was very exciting, I was eager to see what this city had to offer to me. From what I heard, the city is a great place for people of all ages. There is some great sightseeing during the day, and when you get hungry don't worry, you have a variety of great restaurants to choose from. Whether your looking for fine dining or casual eateries it would be hard not to find what your taste buds are craving.

Before the sun goes down book a party bike and be open to meeting new people, beware you will have a great driver who is very upbeat, loves to dance, and pushes you to peddle when you may wanna quit.

What better way to see one of the hottest areas in Montreal than to do a walking tour with Montreal Food Tours. Expect this tour to last a few hours. Take a walk with me
through the hippest streets of Montreal.

Since the 1980s Mile End has been known for its culture as an artistic neighborhood, home to artists, musicians, writers, and filmmakers. Many art galleries, designers' workshops,
boutiques and cafés are found in the neighborhood.

For all you vegan/vegatarians out there, stop into this popular restaurant that may just surprise you how good it is
La Pantiere Verte also known as the "Green Panther"
serves the freshest, tastiest local vegan food around. If you are ready to make your mouth water, have a look at our organic goodness.

Saint Laurent Boulevard is a major street in Montreal, Canada. A commercial artery and cultural heritage site, the street runs north-south through the near-centre of city and is nicknamed The Main which is the abbreviation for "Main Street."

Ubisoft Montreal, is a Canadian subsidiary of the French video game developer.
Founded in 1997, initially developing low-profile projects, the studio is now one of the largest in the world. For all you gamers out there this company is responsible for founding and developing, among others, games in the Prince of Persia, Far Cry, Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs series, as well as those in the Tom Clancy's franchise.

A little history on Saint Urbain Street is a major one-way street. In the late 18th and early 19th centuries, the street was home to several of Montreal's prominent British and French merchants, notably the explorer Alexander Henry the elder. By the turn of the 20th century, the area was industrialized and had become run down, 
when it was settled by Jews, predominantly from Eastern Europe. 

Genevieve Grandbois, worked her way at a young age to follow her passion for chocolate.  Not only did she learn to perfect it to her liking and make it desirable for customers, but she fell in love with the chocolate and the work she was doing. Below is the decadent chocolate she perfected.
Delicious samples of rich dark chocolate with a little something special to top it off

Famous Bagel Shop
The legendary La Maison du Bagel Shop is located in a multi-cultural neighborhood in Montreal. It is truly one of Montreal’s landmarks and has been immortalized in numerous paintings, and in films.

When walking into the small shop every worker plays a part in the makings of the best bagels in Montreal. One person makes the dough, then rolling and forming the dough. And the final product, you have all your delicious bagels, ready to be eaten or taken home.
This is not just a tourist hot spot but also the locals seem to swear by it.
Rumor has it by the Canadians, that Montreal bagels are way better than New York bagels.  I would like to know how the New Yorkers feel about this statement.
This would seem to be a bit of a controversy.

                                                                      Rialto Theater
The Rialto Theatre was originally a neighborhood movie theatre, the Rialto Theatre
was built in 1923-1924.

The Rialto Theatre Timeline
Designated as a Historical Monument by the City of Montreal in 1988 
By the Government of Quebec in 1990,
National Historic Site of Canada in 1993.

The inside of the theater
The Beaux Arts façade was inspired by the Paris Opera while the neo-baroque interior
features a rich décor signed Emmanuel Briffa.

This gives you an idea of a suburban neighborhood in Montreal
As we continued on, we started walking through the suburbs of Plateau Mont Royal, it was so nice and peaceful.  Not a lot of traffic, the roads very narrow, cute little houses to observe.

The tour guide works hard to be informative with the people on the tour, very important to get the history correct
Not far down the street I found a little flower garden, don't mind me just taking a selfie

The tour guide highly recommended this quick an easy Italian shop.  If you want delicious homemade Italian food and need it in a jiff this is the place to stop in and grab some food.

A neighborhood butcher shop offering locally and respectfully raised meat, charcuterie and sandwiches, as well as dairy, eggs and more from small independent producers.

Nice variety of a meats, cheeses, with different selection of wines to try

Kem Coba Gelato

As the tour ended I stopped and saw this sorbet shop called Kem Coba. The place was packed with people. I figured the place must be good with almost a line out the door. Its worth the wait to find out how delicious this sorbet must be. 
As small as this place was they still made room for this creative background drop.

This Sorbet was so refreshing

The tour guide was nice enough to get me to the location of the Velo Festif, which is a party bike. I said goodbye to a sweet and wonderful tour guide who took me on an amazing adventure today. I found this banana in the center of the courtyard. I thought, "What a great picture this would be." 

As I arrived, I was prepared to have some real fun..... 

Bachelor Party and of course the tour guide, strike a pose

The Velo Festif consists of your choice of music and as a group you all peddle together in order for the bike to move. Its a wild ride with this fun outgoing tour guide. The best part was waving to all the locals and tourists. This bike tends to get a lot of attention. Some people look at you like they've never seen such a bike before. Made me laugh. But I always like the attention.
Go figure, at the end of the tour we picked up some stragglers. Where were they at the beginning?

Mount Royal is an affluent on-island suburban town
located on the northwest side of the eponymous Mount Royal

Mount Royal is a large volcanic-related hill or small mountain in the city

It was a hot one today, so its time to close the night and go check into the hotel. 
Tomorrow has more sights to come.

Delta Montreal Hotel

Welcome to the Delta Montreal, feast your eyes on one of the nicest rooms in the hotel,

The Presidential Suite
This room category offers one bedroom, 2 living spaces, 2 bathrooms, a marble staircase of your own, a conference room if you have business meetings, and a full kitchen at your disposal.
This room is also on the club floor and when you walk outside the front door you are right there
The club room offers a full breakfast in the morning, and depending on the
day they offer appetizers, dessert, and beverages in the evening.

The location of this hotel is right in the heart of Downtown Montreal, if you decide to rent a car you can either valet or park in the garage. But in my opinion walking is great and the public transportation system is pretty good for a small price.  Walking to several of the sightseeing spots is very convenient from the hotel, depending where you want to go, the walk could be 20 minutes or 10 minutes just depends.

This hotel has a lot of events and conventions going on throughout the year, with that said, I would recommend booking ahead.  The airport isn't terribly far from the Downtown Montreal area, but just keep in mind traffic conditions and wait times on the road. 

When booking with this hotel please make sure you mention carlasgotthetravelbug.


  1. Enjoyed looking at your pictures and comments about each place. I am very interested in going there and checking out some of the sites. Can you help me try to book at some of the hotels you mentioned and help me with my reservations? The food also looks amazing. Cant wait to go!

  2. Beautiful hotels would love to stay at the same places you did

  3. I've been to New York quite a few times and had the bagels, I can't wait to try the Montreal bagels and then I will make my best decision. The walking tour sounds pretty interesting I will look into this before making my reservations. I think the Velo Festif would be great for my daughter, she is young and loves new activities.

  4. Planning a trip in October....will there be snow?

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