The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Panama City's Great Downtown Hotel

Hyatt Place is a great hotel choice, with the perfect location in the downtown area of Panama City. Walking distance to some great sites, a large shopping mall just around the corner, excellent restaurants, and nightlife. The hotel isn't far from the major airports.

As you enter the hotel you will receive first class service from staff with a warm welcome and a smile.  There is always someone at the front desk to help you with your needs. If you are on a business trip be sure to enjoy the convenience of the business center located in the lobby area.

This hotel offers 165 comfortable and spacious rooms.  Rest your head on the plush pillows and sheets when its time to go to bed from a long day of doing exploring around 
Panama City, or if you worked all day.

Enjoy the outdoor pool while you get a great view of downtown Panama City 

Wake up in the morning and go down for a delicious buffet breakfast 

The hotel offers food at their 24 hour restaurant located steps from the lobby area. Nice variety of different kinds of food choices you might like. 

When booking this hotel please mention carlasgotthetravelbug, Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 3, 2017

A Great New Edition To Guatemala City

Let me start by saying how the Hyatt Centric is not only a newer hotel property to Guatemala City but it is also located in one of the most perfect districts. This 138 room hotel will blow you away when you walk right into the lobby.

You won't know what to gaze your eyes on first, the original mayan artwork, the brightly colored hotel lobby, or the exquisite restaurant that awaits you, with your choice of tapas or traditional Guatemalan fare. 

It doesn't end there, as you approach the front desk to check in for your reservation and you are greeted by the most warm well mannered hotel staff. They will get you excited for the rooftop pool and exercise room that you have available to you.

This hotel offers quite the selection of room categories between regular king size beds to junior suites and suites. This type of luxury will definitely hit the spot if you wanna feel like a million bucks. As you walk into your room you can't wait to jump on your plush bed and just look around at the Guatemalan decor.
 Between the large televisions to the gorgeous decorated bathrooms to the living area in case you have guests, take a peak out of your window and the views will keep you in awe.

After getting a great nights sleep you wake up and your hungry.  Head downstairs and have yourself a delicious buffet spread that will keep your tummy nice and full. Make sure to try the freshly squeezed selection of juices, choose to have a personalized egg of your choice.

Please come and enjoy this amazing hotel, make sure when booking your reservation to mention carlasgotthetravelbug.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Quebec As A Cute Little City

Today is my last adventure to do one last round of walking the streets of Quebec before its time to say good bye.

Since I only have a couple hours to spare before my bus leaves, I'd like to see what I can get my hands into.

Thank you God for giving me great weather on my last day....

As I was walking around doing some last minute window shopping, I went into one of the cute little town shops and asked what were some good things to see in the area of where the Notre Dame Basicilica was.  There is a small little street you would pass by the blink of an eye.  Down this narrow street there are some very special things to see.

As my mind was racing to check out this mysterious street, I found myself in amazement.

Du Tresor Street was founded in the 1960s, fine art students decided to display their work on the walls.

Thats right, down this small short narrow pathway is where all the artists around the city display their work.  As I walked by to admire the works of art, I realized I needed a nice picture for my bedroom. I found this incredible painting of the fairmont hotel but the size was too big and it would be difficult to pack in my luggage bag. Unfortunately I had to pass on the painting.

As a suggestion if you want to buy large works of art, especially several pieces, make sure to bring the appropriate size bag with you and have it well packaged up.

As I approached the Cathedral there were many people standing outside, taking pictures and chit chatting around. It is one of Quebec Cities historical masterpieces aside from the Fairmont hotel. Enough of the waiting outside, i'd like to go in now.

This is the primatial church of Canada and the seat of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Quebec, one of the oldest in the Americas. It is a National Historic Site of Canada.

I am always amazed by the architecture of the cathedrals. I can never see too many because they are all designed so differently. It just amazes me how much time and effort is put in to building such a beautiful place. I can appreciate the different architecture between this Notre dame and the one in Montreal.

One last stop before grabbing 
something to eat
The breath taking Fountaine de Tourny is the entryway to the Parliament building. You can't miss it as your walking through the town. It is a big assest to the Parliament building. They go hand and hand if ya know what I mean. 

Parliament Building
The Parliament building is an eight-floor building in Quebec City, composed of the Lieutenant-Governor and the National Assembly. The building was built from 1877 to 1886, and is located just outside the walls of Old Quebec.

What better way to end the trip than to stuff my face with delicious mouth watering pastries. The hotel recommended this place but told me it was dangerous for my health...
An exquisite rendezvous between Europe and America
Café-boulangerie Paillard was created in an innovative gastronomic union between Europe and the Americas, in the heart of historic Quebec City, on June 16, 2006. A bakery, a pastry shop, a sandwich shop, a chocolate shop and An Italian ice-cream parlor now 
divides itself through 3 branches in Québec City.
Yves Simard, passionate at the origin of this unprecedented project, has thus managed to realize his oldest dream: to combine the delicacy of French cuisine with the rapidity of American execution in order to create a refined and accessible restaurant concept.

Uh, you can't get enough of this bakery. You have all the choices in the world of pastries, ice cream, drinks, you name it. I couldn't decide what I wanted so I practically bought the whole store. As I bit down on the pastry it just sank  right into my mouth. I knew I had to stop before I ate everything. Can always count on those extra pounds to creep up on you when your making bad decisions at a bakery.

Enough of the messing around, let go of the pastries and get on that bus.

After all the adventures, wonderful experiences, friendly and helpful people, and exquisite food its time to say goodbye. Lots of memories made in such a short time in a small but unforgettable city.  I realized in a 20 minute timeframe you can get through seeing all of Downtown Quebec City. Imagine how much you can do in one day that quickly.  But take a couple days to take your time and really enjoy what you are doing and learning. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

My Favorite Places To Stay In Quebec City

The first couple of nights I had the pleasure of staying at the Chateau Laurier

The hotel offers a true experience of service by the hotel staff.  Stop by the concierge desk, and expect nothing but a well rounded staff member, who will put a whole itinerary together 
for you that meets your needs. 

This hotel has a total of 282 comfortable rooms

This room category is called the La Luxueuse

Services Include:

Saltwater indoor pool and finnish sauna
Outdoor spas
Fitness room is open 24 hours
17 meeting rooms to choose from
George V. renowned chef, catering and banquet services
Wine bar is located in the lobby as well is on two other floors of the hotel
Free high speed internet is included in all hotel rooms
Convenience Store located in the hotel

Sauna Style bathtub

The hotels full service restaurant, St Hubert
Imagine the best part is the hotels location, Old Quebec City is one step outside, how much more convenient could it be.

The last couple of nights I decided to indulge and stay at the Delta Quebec. I experienced a unique blend of comfort and convenience. 
This hotel is situated in the heart of downtown Quebec City just moments away from some of the top tourist attractions.

Services Included:

The hotel rooms, pool and gym were renovated in 2013
There are 377 rooms in the hotel
Complimentary Internet Access is available in all guest-rooms
Heated outdoor pool is open all year round
Room Service
Fitness Centre
12,000 square fee of venue space
Linked to Quebec City Convention Centre by an underground passageway
Walking distance to Old Quebec City 

I chose these 2 hotels not only because of location, but also the quality of service I would be provided. But in my opinion, these hotels were pretty excellent choices. I hope if you choose 
to travel to Quebec City, you will make reservations for these hotels. 

Please mention carlasgotthetravelbug when booking your reservations.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

What To Expect In Quebec City

How convenient it is to take a 2 hour bus ride from Montreal to Quebec City.  Transportation provided by Orleans Express. Very reasonable priced tickets and a variety of times to choose from throughout the day. 
Quebec City Bus Terminal
From the bus terminal it was a short cab ride to the Chateau Laurier Hotel located in 
the Old Town Quebec City.  

From what I notice, Quebec City isn't one of Canada's larger cities.  With that said, it seems to be pretty easy to get around town. You can get around in a hop skip and a jump, whether you decide to do a tour, take a cab, or walk around.  Give yourself a couple days to spread the sightseeing out that way you don't miss a beat.

After checking into the Chateau Laurier Hotel, I had quite an appetite.  So many options to choose from, but where would I pick for my first meal. I do recall the Chateau Laurier concierge recommending a restaurant called Savini. This restaurant is located in Old Quebec City. Savini is one of Quebec Cities top restaurants. The reviews from the hotel are the cuisine is superb and the restaurant has a phenomenal ambiance. 

As I arrived to the restaurant the hostess asked if I wanted to sit in or out. That question wasn't hard to answer, I replied, "Outside please." Oh boy oh boy, the weather was beautiful and the streets were hopping. Great time to people watch and enjoy my meal at the same time.

Indoor Seating 
Private Wine Tasting Area
The restaurant staff mentioned that on certain days of the week the restaurant has special trained Cirque Du Soleil dancers who perform on the hoop that you see in the photo. The performance is usually in the evenings. If you are interested in checking this out please
contact the restaurant directly to get further details.

You will find below that the items that were chosen, came highly recommended by wait staff.  Feast your eyes on this delicious 4 course meal that I put together myself.

2 Starters:
Beef Carpaccio topped with arugala and shaved parmesan cheese

Prosciutto with melon

Try wrapping the prosciutto around the melon, I find that it has a nice sweet and salty taste

Main Course:
(This is an Italian Favorite)
Chicken Parmesan with fettuccine alfredo paired with a vegetable medley

Could you resist eating this dessert? Not in a million years would I pass up an exquisite dessert that looks like this. Beautiful presentation. To be honest it was hard to take a bite. I didn't want to ruin a masterpiece. 

Alright well time to close the night!!

The best way to start my adventure in Quebec City is to take a group bike ride to see one of the most famous sites, Montmorency Falls.

Quebec Bike Tour

The bike ride tour is approximately a 45 minute ride from Downtown Quebec City to Montmorency Falls. The tour has a few stops in between to see other sights along the way. You get a beautiful view of the city and the ride is pretty smooth. On this bike trail you get to enjoy sharing the road with other bikers, joggers, and roller-skaters.

The first stop we made was a quick one to the Chateau Angos-Des Maizerets, didn't have much time to explore. If you'd like to get more information about this tourist site please visit the website.
Stopping to snap some photos of the view

Our Final Destination, Montmorency Falls!!!

A little history about Montmorency Falls, it is located between the borough of Beauport and Boischatel, it is approximately 7.5 miles from the heart of the Old Quebec City.  The area surrounding the falls is protected within the Falls Park.  This is the mouth of the Montmorency River where it drops over the cliff shore into the Saint Lawrence River, opposite from Ile d'Orleans.

It was so exciting to take a Funitel also known as an aerial tram, that transports you up to the Falls. Lots of chit chatting with all the different people riding on the aerial tram with me. We talked about the beautiful scenery around us and what to expect when getting to the top.

There are staircases that allow visitors to view the falls from several different perspectives.  The picture of me above I am on a suspension bridge that is located over the crest of the falls, this provides access to both sides of the park, and as a plus you get an incredible view.

In the summer the park hosts an international fireworks competition with the falls as a backdrop.

After all the excitement, its time to walk down some steep stairs. Just as a safety precaution, make sure to hang on tight when walking down, the stairs can be pretty slippery. 

Time to ride back to town, I have plenty of energy what shall I do next?

I came across an indoor food market called, Marche Du Vieux Port, that looked pretty interesting. Maybe its like the ones we have back in the United States.

As I walked around there was so much fresh fruits, vegetables, pastry items, and so much more to choose from.  I enjoyed just walking around and trying different samples of things.

After I left the indoor food market I just couldn't resist going to see the hotel that is said to drops jaws......

The old historic hotel is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and has been around for decades, there are 611 guest-rooms and suites if you want the comfort of old luxury, you have come to the right place.  Expect to pay top dollar prices when booking this hotel. "You get what you pay for." 
Keep in mind its a good idea to book ahead, availability might be limited depending on the time of year you visit. 


As I walked into the hotel and stepped into the main corridor area, I got that old royal feeling.  As I looked around, I felt like I was in one of those movies about a king and queen.  Lots of bright lights coming from the beautiful chandeliers. 

There is much history in this hotel and if you have time, take a tour through.  When I went inside it was very busy, lots of conventions and events going on.

The reputation of the restaurants is nothing but high quality.  Also if you decide to take a peek around yourself there is a small museum behind glass with some history about the hotel.

There are limited areas for tourists who are not staying at the hotel.  After I did some peeking around I made my way back to the hotel.  I think I did enough for one day, don't ya think....