The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Enjoying a "Pure Jungle Spa"

If you decide to travel to Puerto Viejo and want excellent spa services check out Pure Jungle Spa!

Momma Chandra was scheduled for an incredible memorable facial at the famous Jungle Spa.  We were greeted by Adrian who presented us with a refreshing homemade ginger juice concoction and a warm footbath with floating hibiscus petals and essential oils.

 Once she finished with the footbath the estitician brought her into a soothing bamboo tropical atmosphere with soothing music of the natural nature sounds and the natural sounds of the forest outside. 

When Ro, the esthetician described the products to be used it sounded like more of a desert menu than your door to door salesman Mary Kay.  It started with a honey scrub and finished with a warm decadent chocolate mask.  This was much more than your average facial it was a full body sensory extravaganza including the touch of the massage, the taste of the honey and the scents of the locally grown and produced products.  Not only did she massage the face as expected but there was a scalp, neck, shoulder, arm, hand, and foot massage.

Wow nothing she ever experienced before it was like a dream and it all finished with a fresh glass of cucumber water and local organic chocolate.

                                            Siskel and Ebert give this spa two thumbs up.


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