The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Monday, March 24, 2014

Ahh Back To Civilization in La Fortuna

We arrived in La Fortuna to a nice hotel right in town.  There were lots of little souvenir shops, restaurants, bars, etc.  We had the rest of the day to ourselves to do what we liked.  We stopped over to the Desafio Activities office to discuss options for everyone to do different activities for while we were in La Fortuna.

Front View Of The Hotel

Hotel Lobby

Main Town of La Fortuna
Once we got to the hotel and got settled, some of the group went to a place called hot springs.  The resort had a variety of different pools that had all different temperatures in each one.  Some were very hot and had water slides, others were cooler and had water slides.  There was a bar in the middle of the hottest pool.  They served pina coladas in an actual pineapple.  They were delicious.

We stayed for a couple hours in the pool and then headed over for dinner at the included resort restaurant.  It was a buffet style dinner.  Surprise Surprise we had Costa Rican food.  Ha ha.

Main Entrance to the Front Desk



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