The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Montenegro and Dubrovnik

I am looking forward to an exciting day in a country famed for its beauty!

And I'm not disappointed as my very first glimpse is a tiny islet named Sveti Stefan, attached to the coast by a narrow isthmus.  Once a fortified village dating back to the 15th century, to defend against the Turks. Initially, the island with its fortress had 12 families.  Later, all of the buildings were acquired by the Yugoslav government and turned into an upscale hotel.  The island of Sveti Stefan is a uniquely atmospheric setting of cobbled lanes, quaint courtyards and remarkable sea views.

I must say the coastline is one of the prettiest I've seen on this trip!

I took a little walk through the narrow streets and found some great little places to shop and have a bite to eat.


After Montenegro we headed to Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Once checked into my hotel I stepped out onto my balcony and discovered that I had the most amazing views!

Just Look at the difference between day..........

.......and night!
The beauty of the view doesn't seem to change much except, the lights at night just add such a special touch to the view.

Such a beautiful way to end a beautiful day!

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