The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Cruising the Greek Islands - Day 2

Early morning being docked in Kusadasi, Turkey.  Home of the knock off bags, watches, souvenirs, and you can buy magical carpets and pretend like you are in the movie Aladdin.
Walked over to the Venetian fortress which is currently closed.  The fortress sits right in the middle of the water, and the different excursion boats are parked along side as you walk down the path to the fortress. The moment I got a glimpse of the castle, even though it was closed I had to take a closer look.  Since time was so limited I had to plan out how much time I had to kill before I needed to be back on the ship.

Grand Bazaar shops in Kusadasi, Turkey is known for their knock off high end hand bags for dirt cheap and fancy fine knock off jewelry.  Its entertaining how you walk down the middle of the street and all these business owners are trying to reel you into the stores to buy items from them.  Its funny how they will say anything, some will even follow you down the street. I laughed the whole time.

Do you like coffee or tea?  Well this little cafe is known for their great service and excellent teas and coffees.  If you decide to travel to Kusadasi, make sure you stop by, and maybe you will discover a new favorite!

Near the port of where the cruise ships are, there is a café that gives you free wifi if you spend next to nothing for a drink or food.  For me, it only cost one euro for a bottled water.

 Time for me to head back to the ship to do a little blogging about my day as we sail to our next destination, Rhodes!

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