The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Night In Munich

A late afternoon arrival to Munich just about put us smack in the middle of rush hour!
However, it will be perfect for some night time fun!  But this also means that time is limited!  Hmmm, what kind of trouble can I get into in a few hours.
Because this was a night on our own, I was able to explore some of, what I found to be interesting, spots of Munich!
Whoa!  Here in Marienplatz is the Old Town Hall.  To me, this was a very scary looking building!
Old Town Hall
I just love the sidewalk cafe's!!


Loved strolling through this farmers market!

Look what I found!  The entrance to Octoberfest! Oktoberfest is held annually and it is a 16-day folk festival running from late September to the first weekend in October with more than 6 million people that come from around the world!
Do the people of Munich really wear this stuff?
Well apparently so.  I got a quick lesson from these very nice ladies.  The women's dresses are called, Dirndle and those sexy looking suspended knickers for men are called, Lederhosen!

If you love sweets and specifically gummy bears then you will love stopping in at "Bears and Friends". They have the finest and greatest selection of gummy bears.

I couldn't resist, I had to buy about 5 bags of these multi-colored yummy gummy's!

It's dinner time and I found myself a great beer hall in the heart of where Octoberfest is held.
Altes Hackerhaus
Enjoyed myself a pork shoulder, known as Schweinsbraten. This is a famous Bavarian dish and it was very juicy and very, very tender with a fantastic sauce served with a potato dumpling.

It seemed like a pretty quite place.

But, I could hear a lot of loud cheering and singing coming from another part of the restaurant.  It seems a German soccer team was having themselves a great time!


What better way to end my evening in Munich then with the Dresden Soccer Team!

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