The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Luxury Awaits At The Westin Bellevue Dresden

When I arrived in Dresden, I walked from the S-Bahn Train Station to the Four Star The Westin Bellevue Dresden which was approximately 10 minutes.  As I approached the hotel I saw flags waving that told me I was there.  I was so excited to be staying at such a beautiful hotel with lovely grounds and fountain.  It is a manor house near the Elbe River with gorgeous views.  As I walked into the lobby, I could see and feel the sophistication and professionalism of the hotels staff.  They were dressed impeccably. As the hotel manager came out to greet me, he was polite and helpful.  While I waited to check in, he was kind enough to offer me a hot tea or coffee in the bar area.  During the month of October, which is a very popular time in Dresden, the hotel tends to sell out quickly on weekends, therefore, reservations should be made well advance.
This Westin is part of the world famous Starwood Group, which has hotels all over the world.  This Bellevue is one of their nicest.

This particular hotel is also part of  the "Sleep and Meet" group which caters to business people and event groups who are looking for private rooms or banquet halls to rent out for their parties and conferences.  If you would like to reserve space for your company or party, please read more about what the Sleep and Meet has to offer on their website.  Starwood has many lovely hotels throughout Germany and continues to open more within the country.

Exquisite Lobby Area

Enjoy the buffet breakfast in this beautiful sunny room overlooking lovely gardens
The minute you lay down on the famous Westin beds, you instanly feel the comfort of the plush bedding and the soothing atmosphere of these modern style rooms
Can you believe this bathroom?  Enjoy a fabulous hot bubble bath after a lovely day of walking through this beautiful city of Dresden.  Rejuvenate yourself for your next days adventures through this historical city
If you make your way to this hotel, please enjoy your stay at the The Westin Bellevue Dresden and make sure to mention this blog when booking with the hotel. Rest easy!!

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