The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Thursday, October 15, 2015

An Apartment With Flair at the Apartamenty Czapskich

These family owned apartments are right off the beaten path of where you should be. It gets you as close as possible to the city center of Krakow. These apartments all have excellent well-thought-out style and modern themes to each room.

This building is double secured, which means you have your entrance to the building and another entrance to the building where the apartments are located. You receive your own special key card that gives you access to enter both areas of the building. You will also receive a set of keys that allow you to open different sets of doors, depending which apartment is available. If you get the 2nd floor corner unit you have a nice view. On the weekends, there is a cute little bar jazz club across the street from the building where they play music. With all the windows open, you can hear them jamming out. If you would like to purchase food to eat, there is a convenience store right next to the building.

These apartments are only 15 to 20 minutes drive from the Krakow airport. Wouldn't take long to catch a cab and get to this beautiful place. If you have few bags the train station is about a 20 minute walk.

Please don't forget to mention this blog when booking your stay at these beautiful apartments. Enjoy!

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