The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Taking On Europe Alone

Hello everyone!  Yes it's true, I have decided to travel through Europe and visit 5 countries in 2 months. In the days to come you will see a much broader, exciting, intense at times, journey of a girl who has gone from doing organized tours to breaking out on her own and organizing everything from hotels, tours, and attractions.

I am inviting you to a special edition of this blog.  This will be dedicated to many businesses I will have the pleasure of working with along the way.  I'm looking forward to sharing all of my wonderful experiences with all of you!

Just a little preview of where I'll be going, and what I will be seeing along the way!

Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany!!  What better way to start this amazing adventure! How about all the great sights of Ireland.  Guess what I will be kissing??  For those car fans out there I'm hoping you will enjoy my photos of the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, Germany. For those of you men who wear Cologne I will be traveling to the city that made it.  Did you know that not only does Amsterdam have a Red Light District, but so does Hamburg? I will be taking you along a boat ride through the canals of Copenhagen, Denmark......Maybe I'll see a Little Mermaid.  And maybe I might score a backstage pass to what Poland or Czech Republic has to offer.

I'm sure you will fall in love with this special journey as I make my way through Europe, as I immerse myself into the culture, food and everyday life with some help from experts I will meet along the way!

Now time to get up close and personal.

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