The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Heidelberg, Home of The College Students And The Famous Heidelberg Castle

Spent three enjoyable days in this lovely town. They are having their own beerfest as well! This little town has some great character and cute little shops to wander in and out of.

Alright so getting down to some good food and great sights, right in front of your eyes, is the schnitzel. Well there is no place like the place that I've tried: schnitzel with mushroom sauce, fried potatoes, and a side salad. Oh my gosh! I can't speak better than to say this was amazing, filling, and tickled your stomach in all the right places.  Be prepared to get a lot of food for a fair price. Usually a good Schnitzel dish will run you around 13 to 14 Euros.

So back to the good stuff. Roaming around Heidelberg with such pleasure has its highlights - boat trip down the river to see some excellent views of the famous Heidelberg Castle, the college, and check out some amazing condos and houses scattered throughout.  Towards the far end of the boat trip you can catch a glimpse of two more famous castle's in Heidelberg.  It's your choice to get off and catch the next boat ride back if you would like.

Here I am cruising down The River Neckar.
Here I  get to see all the views of the beautiful houses, apartments, castles, buildings, monuments, all located right above water. A city floating on water? That sounds bit scary.

Waterfront condos and townhouses that cost more than you cannot even imagine.
Lovely houses on the hill

Neuburg Abbey

Carl Theodore Old Bridge

Before all the tours get off the cruise ships, to view this magnificent castle, I think I will get some intimate time with this gorgeous landmark. The whole town talks about this. 

So now going to the Heidelberg Castle. Amazing! Here you get great views of the whole city. It is a beautifully built Castle. You can choose to go inside, pay for a tour and see the museums, or just stay outside, snap some photos of the courtyard.  Lots of cruise ships do tours to this castle. So there must be something great worth hearing about, in regards to the history, of this amazing castle.

A nice view from the top. You can get a glimpse of most of the city here.
Courtyard of the Heidelberg Castle

That was a great ending to being in Heidelberg. Thank you Heidelberg for showing me such a great time!

If your looking for nightlife this town wouldn't suit you. They do have some cute little bars, if you would like to have a drink or two, but its more for the sites and doing some in-and-out shopping.  Enjoy!

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