The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sights Of Paris

Oh my gosh, it wasn't a dream!  I am really in Paris!!
Today was an early morning bus tour through the city of Paris.  This was a great way to see the city as our guide talked about the history of Paris.  The buildings were magnificent and had me snapping my camera as fast as I could to try and capture the essence of French architecture

As if seeing Paris by bus wasn't enough, we also had the opportunity to see Paris while cruising on the Seine River!

The Pont de l’Archevêché or "The Love Bridge"

Now back on solid ground a few of us spent the rest of the day strolling the streets of Paris!  We had a great time at the Galeries La Fayette, but it certainly would have been a whole lot more fun if these high end shops were open!!  See, today is Sunday and I have learned that nothing is open in France on Sunday! 

But that doesn't stop me from enjoying the day and seeing more sites!  Like the Opera House and the Louvre

Opera House
Here's a little secret......You can buy advanced tickets for the Louve just inside the entrance and they are good for up to 1 year! 

I'll be back!

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