The World Class Traveler

The World Class Traveler

Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Day of Canadian Adventures

I have a full day ahead of adventures!
I decided to contact Canadian Wildnerness Tours since they provide all kinds of tours in the area!  My first tour of the day is the River of Golden Dreams Canoe Tour.

Now you know I love a good adrenalin rush, so why would I book a leisurely canoe tour?  Because it is voted Whistler's number one thing to do and a summertime classic.

The tour begins in the main village where we board a bus that takes us to Lake Alta.

I'm so excited as to what this lake will look like and what kind of adventure this will be.  Once we arrive at Lake Alta I am blown away by how beautiful it is.

And we're off!

The River of Golden Dreams Canoe Tour will take me from Lake Alta, through narrow passages and end at the shore of the glacier fed Green Lake.

We start out by paddling across the historic Alta Lake.  This is truly a popular place as I see people enjoying paddle boarding, kayaking and of course canoeing.

Words can not describe the beauty of this area!  So I've done my best to try and show you through pictures.

  We made our way into the lush river mouth paddling through flowing lilies. 

After about 2 1/2 hours of pure nature, I was ready for some lunch before my next adventure of the day!

As I wandered around the main village I found a great place that is well known for their Bison Burger and milkshakes!  So Splitz is where I decide to have lunch.
Once I placed my order with the cashier, I then moved down the line and told the cook which toppings I wanted on my burger. 

This was a true gourmet burger joint!

It's now time for my next tour of the day so I head back to the Canadian Wilderness Tour Office and get ready for some real adventure!

I'm now ready for another great tour that Canadian Wilderness offers, their most popular, the ATV Adventure!!

Of course, I decided to wear all black clothing so I would be completely dusty and dirty at the end, but I didn't care I was ready for a wild ride that was ahead.

Once the tour started it was a smooth path, but I couldn't wait to start getting to the challenging areas.

As it started getting more challenging I have to admit my heart was pumping while I was riding the ATV, it was a rough fun rugged ride.  The tour guide took us over large rocks and sandy, muddy, narrow and wide pathways, around sharp corners and up steap hills to get to a very high area of the mountain.

But the view of Whistler Valley below was breathtaking and well worth the ride to the top!

I actually felt quite happy I accomplished something so scary, usually I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to things like this.

After all that fun I worked up quite an appetite!
I took a walk around the village and found the Mexican Corner
Perfect, because I LOVE Mexican food!! 

I decided to sit at the bar and couldn't help but watch the bartender make drinks that looked really good right about now after my ATV adventure! He was so friendly and energetic!

I chatted with him about my day and he made me a Pina Colada which was delicious and helped calm my nerves.

Then the manager came on over and joined me!

As I looked over the menu, I had a very hard time trying to make a decision on what I was going to eat.  Everything looked and sounded delicious.  They had a few different choices for the customer who can't handle the heat but most of the dishes will have a kick to them so be prepared.

I started with some beef taquitos.  I know, this looks like a meal in it self, but that's what they do here, give you plenty of food!

I then decided to try the Cochinita quesadilla. Oh my, this was filled with a Mayan style braised pork and marinated in axiote spice.

And of course I had to have dessert!
So in true Mexican tradition I had the Churros!
Golden brown and crispy on the outside. These Mexican “doughnuts “are coated in cinnamon and sugar and drizzled with Mexican Abuelita chocolate and served with caramel ice cream

Well my body is screaming at me right about now!  I ache in every square inch and now I am so stuffed, I literally waddled and limped back to my room and collapsed.  Tomorrow is a new day of adventures and I need my beauty rest!!

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